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What you need to know

Indoor and Outdoor

Outdoor sessions are booked during the hours of sunrise or sunset, it gives such beautiful lighting for your photographs. Indoor sessions can be at any time during the day. Indoor sessions do need natural light coming into the house. Before scheduling your in-home session there will need to be an appointment scheduled where I can view your home or pictures of your home can be sent to my email. 


$50 retainer due the day you schedule a session. There is no refund on your retainer because it holds your date and time. I understand life happens, if we need to reschedule your session please contact me to discuss.  Wold Photography offers a 15% discount for active duty military, police officers and first responders.

Let's get dirty!

Please keep in mind you will probably get a little dirty during your session. The majority of my shoots are in mother nature so it's almost impossible to stay clean. 


What you see is what you get. I don't do magic when it comes to photoshop editing. All my edits are very natural, I love how naturally beautiful a person is and I keep it that way in all of my edits.

Turnaround time

Typical turnaround for outdoor & indoor sessions takes 1 weeks after the session date. For weddings, it's usually 3 weeks after the wedding date.


All children eventually come around. I'm very patient, I keep my sessions very playful and that seems to entertain them. I'm a mother of three so I completely understand if your little one is upset. Usually families with children under 6 I suggest only doing candids, it's a lot of interaction and play with mom and dad and takes the pressure away from them. I strongly urge parents to not force children to do anything they do not want to do during the session because that can lead to tears and make things a little harder.

My sessions

You can expect it to be carefree and you don't have to worry about a thing. How do I pose? What If my children are screaming? the list goes on. Once we get to the session location it will be a lot of interaction with one another. Running with your kids, twirling, singing, cuddling, kissing. One of my favorite things to do is play music during my sessions so make sure to hit me with a list of songs everyone loves! 

Newborn in-home sessions

Please feed baby a lot before session time, cluster feed away! 

Please make sure the house is warm for any outfit changes, usually above 72 

Up to 2 outfit changes for baby and parents. Furniture might need to be moved around to make sure we get the best light on faces. When I arrive at your home I will need a table or area to set up. Please make sure all shooting locations do not have clutter in the area we will be taking pictures, time to tidy up!

And last...Be yourself! During this session there will be a lot of candid moments, It's best to have conversations with your partner during the session like what they're most excited for with this new family member? Talk about labor, sneak some cuddles and kisses in, and play with the baby's fingers and toes. 


Please note: My newborn sessions are lifestyle sessions. I no longer do wrapping and basket props. I use what is provided in your home. 

Boise Idaho Family Photographer

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