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The Stratton Family




This week was a lot of firsts for me. It was my first time photographing a birth, first time documenting with video and my first time writing a blog. This being my first birth story, it made me realize how much I love them and I look forward to many more because they're as real as it gets. There was no prompting, just pure raw emotions. 

The day of delivery I received a Facebook message from Allison. The message said she had tried to call me and let me know she was on her way to labor and delivery. Of course, when I went to respond, the message didn't send because our internet stopped working. So, of course, I panicked because when the internet stops working out in farmland, it's like you don't exist on this planet. I ran outside and held my phone up as high as I could, I was troubleshooting and running around all over the place. I took a stool outside and stood on it. Thankfully, I finally got a connection. Her husband answered and let me know that they were trying to see if she dilated more. I knew after speaking with him that I had time and thankfully the internet started working shortly after. 


When I walked into the room, I was immediately comfortable. Allison and KC gave me a warm welcome and I could tell instantly that they were down to earth, but, I already knew that by the whole staff outside their room talking about how nice they are. Allison was about 4cm at this point, she was given an epidural and they broke her water. The tv was off the entire time. We talked about their son being super active and how Allison's pregnancy has been throughout the 9 months. There was a lot of laughter and Allison was very comfortable at this time.


Allison "I think I'm fine. I'm not feeling any pain or discomfort"


Allison was saying she could still feel her left leg and she was having terrible back pain, even after the first epidural. The nurse came in and checked to see if she was making any progress. She was definitely making progress, 8cm!


Nurse "Your baby will be here in the next two hours"


Allisons' back pain was getting very painful, and the feeling in her left leg and lower abdomen were still not going away. She then had her second epidural, which she handled like a champ.


KC "How did Harry Potter get down the hill? He walked down. JK rolling"


After Allison received her second epidural, we were able to chat a little bit about how Tre will handle having a baby sister. We also daydreamed about what Halle's personality might be like. 

KC "Tre's world is going to get rocked because he doesn't know what's coming but I think he's going to be super soft"

     "So, I think she's going to be just as active as Tre because she's going to want to keep up with him. She's going to be all pink and princesses in the dirt with Tre"


Allison "Tre is all Stratton, he is KC's mini-me. He's tall, blue eyes, butt chin. I think she's going to have more your traits than mine"



10cm! The second epidural gave relief for the first hour after it was given, but after that hour passed, Allison was very uncomfortable. She was in a bit of pain and extremely nauseous. It seemed she got the initial dose through the needle when it was placed but it had worn off and of course at the right moment when it was too late to be fixed and she had to push through. Her husband KC stood by her side until it came time to deliver his daughter. 



Happy birthday Halle! This was so emotional, especially seeing KC deliver his daughter. He was so ready and seeing him looking at his daughter for the first time was the sweetest thing to witness. 


Allison "The pain was like nothing I've ever experienced before. You literally take the worst pain you can handle, and then you are asked to do something that will only intensify and make that pain measurably worse. It's one thing to suffer and breathe through the contractions, it's another to push through them. It's been something I never would have been able to get through without KC by my side."


KC " I think she's going to be seven pounds even and nineteen inches long"


Allison "I think she's going to be seven pounds, one ounce and nineteen inches long"

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