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  • Taylor Wold

Content day at The Bishop's House in Boise

Recently I was invited to attend a wedding content day at The Bishop's House in Boise, Idaho. A content day is where photographers and businesses in this industry get together, collaborate, make connections, and make magic! Below is a display of photos by yours truly and recommendations of my favorite people who do a beautiful job making your day perfect. The Bishop's House is a non-profit organization, and they accept donations to upkeep the historical site. If you would like to donate, please visit Donate | The Bishops' House (

Makeup & hair:

Western Belle Bridal

Boise PRO Makeup Artist

DJ services:

Sound Wave Events


Bloom Room Floral Co

Hope Blooms Flowers & Things


Kate's Bridal Cottage

B.B Bridal

Below credit:

Wold Photography and Film

B.B bridal

Western Belle Bridal

Bloom Room Floral Co

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1 Comment

May 30

Such gorgeous photos, Taylor!

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