Style Guide

Girl by the Sea
Wedding Dress

I would love to give you some tips on picking out your outfits for our session! Please feel free to contact me and send me pictures of your choices. 

Tip 1:  Start with one key piece and build from there. I always love neutrals and pastels in my images. Staying true to you is most important. Use neutrals like denim, khaki and white to tie a look together.


Tip 2: You're probably expecting me to say "Go get your hair and makeup done for our session". Nope! I mean you totally can if you want to but I love the wild hair, bare feet, natural look. I'm all about it! 


Tip 3:  Textures! I love faux fur, wood, wools, hats, buttons, etc.  


Tip 4: Props, If you have them, bring them. I will probably bring some myself depending on the look of your session. Blankets, wine, candles, food, flowers, etc.


Tip 5: Logos stay at home. Please! I beg you! 


Tip 6: This one's a big one! I get it all the time but it's just my opinion. Please don't match everything. Actually, that's a rule if you schedule with me, yup, I'm doing it.


Tip 7: Prepare to get a little dirty during our session. Most of my sessions are in mother nature, so, it's almost impossible to stay clean.


Tip 8: Consider the location and season.


Tip 9: If you have a in home session, I think it best to be in cozy clothes to get that vibe. 


If you are still stumped, I am happy to give my opinion! Just reach out prior to our session.



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A Toddler and a Baby
Winter Outfit
Happy Mother with her Child
Clothing Rack